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Our Story

Sprung Services is a veteran-owned company founded in 1997 by experienced boiler operators and is the premier provider of boiler operations in the State of Minnesota. For over two decades, we have worked with various clients, large and small, from churches and schools to large production facilities and power generation plants. Boiler operations is our primary line of service, and we are uniquely qualified within this industry. With more than fifty boiler operators on-staff, we are equipped to handle any staffing need. In addition to boiler operations, Sprung Services is the largest boiler operator training company in the state of Minnesota. Our training curriculum focuses on safe, efficient, and reliable boiler operations that follow Minnesota boiler codes and standards.


Our Philosophy is Customer Service and Quality. Satisfied clients are the key to our success. We place customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. Striving to understand the needs of each client, we build long-term relationships that exceed expectations. Our motto is “you’re covered” because we will always make sure our customers have the services they need when they need them.


Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Experience: From residential heating to production facility operations, our client needs require professional, reliable experts ready to step in and step up in a wide range of settings. HIRE represents the core philosophy of Sprung Services—large or small, no matter where or when we’ve got you covered.


Diversity: Sprung Services is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity of people and ideas makes for a stronger company and community